It all started with a simple idea:
Posters can be mindfulness reminders.

In this highly digital age our attention is spread across wide range of things. Texts, e-mail, meetings, social media, traffic… and they all take part of our everyday awareness. Because of this thinking simple became complicated.


I am Dejan Kovacevic, visual designer and founder of the DeKovach brand.

About year ago I started designing posters as a way to express myself and practice my design skills. Through that work I tried to incorporate abstract fluid forms, vibrant colors, and minimalism in a creative, harmonious way.

I have been meditating for years and witnessed how meditation and mindfulness can change life for the better. I discovered that when mindfulness is at the core of my daily life, I do things better, with more clarity, which is very appreciated skill in design.

I have had trouble with keeping up with my meditation practice, so one day an idea comes to my mind:

What if poster can be mindfulness reminder?

I stoped and carefully thought about that. Next week I printed few posters and put them on my office wall. As time pass by, my intention was that whenever I looked at them I will be more present. After a while I started to notice few things.

As they are mostly abstract their meaning started to change as I changed. And I recognized that.

So I gave few of them to my friends. Most of them “use” posters as an art form, which is very closely to my intention. But when I gave them few tips to practice mindfulness with it, then the things start to be interesting.

They started to see it more deeply and meaningful. They were inspired.

That make me happy. So I decided to make posters available to more people. I believe that DeKovach posters can be one more “tool” for bringing more mindfulness into daily life, which is a good thing. So I continue to create them on a weekly basis and trying to inspire more and more people.

Beside that, I work as a visual designer at my own entrepreneur business DeKovach. For the last 8 years I have been working on various projects of developing brands through mindful design.