The beginning of the story of the High School of professional studies in Arandjelovac starts with a clean design and a new fresh look of promotional materials.

New logo

The new logo of the school derived from the three basic values that the school wants to reflect – the new beginning (turning the new page), Knowledge (book) and the right choice (checkmark). The negative space is used as a visual element for the symbol of the checkmark. The logo architecture is slightly asymmetrical.


As HSAR is a big system with wide hierarchy of the necessary visual solutions – books, bookmarks, scripts, website applications, branding of computers and student organizations … the task was to develop comprehensive solutions that will take all these elements into account. First of all, the HSAR color palette has been developed.

Colors are moderate and harmoniously communicate individually and in combination with each other. They are equally well expressed in complex design solutions.

Design of HSAR brochure for 2017.

Main focus of the new design solutions is on the purified design focused solely on the clear message of the content on which it is being applied.

Design of the book from Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development
Design of the Handbook for Entrance Examination

Internet world

The HSAR website is also part of the new design system that follows minimalism, a greater focus on content and its availability on various devices like mobile phones and tablets – devices that students use for communication in a large percentage.

Adaptation of all design elements on the site to different devices is a challenge. Most of the elements are vector-based. The platform that runs the site is WordPress.

Promotional and office materials

The discreet contours of the new logo are ideal for applying to various promotional and office materials.

Combination of typography and colors HRAR delivers powerful messages while remaining in a professional and minimalist framework.


Backgrounds for mobile devices and desktop computers also follow the color palette. The photographs used for this purpose were made in the area of Arandjelovac.


Materials for the promotion of study programs were purchased from stock sites and edited for the needs of the school


Additional information

You can see design of the website and other related internet services for HSAR on the page

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