Optel telecom

Optel Telecom is a telecommunication operator in the area of Arandjelovac municipality that offers Internet, television and telephony services. It is distinguished from similar operators by offering Internet through various technologies, such as Wi Fi, ADSL, optics and via cable television.


I was commissioned to develop the basic designer structure of the brand Optel Telekom – logo and the accompanying color palette.

From the experience I have with telecommunication partners, I have chosen the colors that are the best to represent the values of Optel Telekom. Color combinations communicate perfectly in promotional materials.

Brand development

Our cooperation continued through the development of a new website adapted for mobile devices, flyer design, poster, promotional stand and other branding materials.

Resposive site of Optel Telecom


What distinguishes Optel Telecom is its tendency toward precision and perfectionism. That can be seen from the software solutions they internally develope, to their choices in design.



They are small group of people that are very dedicated to their telecommunication business. And simplicity is a feature of Optel Telecom’s offer. The new design follows this philosophy and provides customers and potential customers with a concrete and clear choice of service and service offerings.


With the ambition of becoming a synonym for connectivity, the message that Optel Telecom wants to convey to the public is to be recognized as a partner for the future of connectivity through advanced technologies.


Additional information

You can see design solution for the Optel Telecom website at the page

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