Svitac (Firefly)

The Children’s Education Center “Svitac” is one of the special partners with whom I have been cooperating in the previous period. The task was to design a logo, promotional poster, as well as the accompanying elements of the new “Svitac” design.


“Svitac” is special for its warm and human approach in the education. Their techniques are fundamental, aimed at the child’s abilities and character.

Dedicated to child

Their education method is based on the Montesori education techniques and the NTC-Mensa system of learning that develop freedom and creativity among children in thinking, autonomy and persistence in finding solutions, and an active attitude towards learning and life skills …

Svitac poster
Svitac poster


At the core of the Svitac logo design are the colors whose tones are carefully selected to convey the message that go with it – Creativity (Purple Purple), Nature and Harmony (Sweep Green), Optimism (Sweet Yellow).


Discover more about this great educational center for children in Arandjelovac on their FB site.

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