Tourist organisation of Arandjelovac

One of the first projects I was working on in 2019 was the new website for the Tourist Organization of Arandjelovac Municipality.

Their demands consisted in introducing simplicity and a modern approach to presenting information.

After a careful study of this branch and statistics of visits, I learned a few things that are most relevant to the site of a tourist organization. First of all, it must be rich in precise information that needs to be well organized, easily searchable and visually attractive.

The site is segmented into five areas – Explore Arandjelovac, Experiences, Actual, Accommodation and O Arandjelovac.

It abounds with the contents I personally collected over the years, primarily photographs. Each area is targeted at a particular need for visitors to get to know and stay in the city.

The site works on the WordPress platform, uses a paralax effect on individual pages and has a base of accommodation according to different criteria. It is suitable for mobile devices.

Dodatne informacije

The development of the site also meant the development of a new range of colors representing the famous Arandjelovac water and the nature in which the town was soured.
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