By combining knowledge from different fields, modern design and professional support, my clients get solutions that help their business grow. Do not believe me in the word, listen to what they have to say.


„Dejan’s design presented
our company better than a thousand words.
Great cooperation now and in the future as well. Thumbs up.“

Luka M. Oros
Energo Solutions, Czech Republic


„Dejan Kovacevic is a designer with contemporary,
functional, thoughtful and appealing solutions.
Sometimes these solutions are fascinating.
It’s very easy and nice to work with Dejan.“

dr. Djordje Mihailovic
principal of Higher school of professional studies Arandjelovac


„Dejan brings creativity and
perfection to one’s own personality, through apparent success
of all participants as a resultant!“

Nemanja Filipovic
Head of Department of Management studies at Higher school of professional studies Arandjelovac


„Dejan is very meticulous in his work.
He will provide excellent clean-cut design solutions.
As a coworker he is honest, tries to be direct but not blunt,
and accepts other people in the group and their ideas.
He is very dedicated and open to learning
and attaining new experiences.“

Mila Vitorovic
senior designer, NO-NO Club


„Dedicated to work. He thoroughly explores,
and is interested in the opinion of colleagues of different profiles.
In communication he is fine and cultural. Sensitive, kind-hearted as a child, and brave, it turned out,
to take on personal and business integrity and to start change that was in short term
terrifying, but in the long run it made a profit.
It shows respect for people and values.“

Natasa Stevanovic


„The solutions that Dejan delivers are simple
and of high quality. They were delivered within the required time limit.
Dejan’s ability to see things differently and better, contributed
to the fact that every answer to our request was pure perfection. „

Lazar Mijatovic
director, Optel Telekom